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Meet our Team

Craig Kautsch


Craig Kautsch has been a lifelong entrepreneur and is the founder of Avocet Ventures, a portfolio real estate company that has cracked the code in providing homeownership to low-income families in DFW. Avocet has been originating portfolio mortgages for over 18 years. His company has made a huge impact on the lives of families that wouldn’t otherwise be able to own a home. He has purchased, restored, and sold over 1,000 houses in DFW.

He is able to draw from his big successes and colossal failures and has extensive experience navigating both. A great balance of scar tissue and high trajectory growth gives birth to his well-rounded and valuable perspective.

Everyone thinks leaders are okay because they appear so strong and capable, but as a leader with first-hand experience, he knows this isn’t the truth. Most leaders aren’t running on all cylinders, because they don’t have a safe place to process their fears and struggles. He knows from personal experience that being in isolation can cause you to lose millions. He has a passion for showing leaders the real issues that are holding them back instead of repeating a bunch of strategies and tactics they already know.

Chris Mellina

Director of Operation

Chris was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX and began his career in real estate investment in 2015 as a side hustle. After 7 years (and many miles traveled) in the Corporate Consulting world, he decided to dedicate his full attention to his passion – real estate. Chris’ time at JZ Home Buyers is dedicated to working behind the scenes to ensure that the team has all of the tools, resources, technology and information to provide a top tier service and care to our clients.

Harrison Linn

Director of Acquisitions

Meet Harrison Linn, an accomplished real estate investor devoted to delivering unparalleled customer service. As the driving force behind JZ Home Buyers, Harrison brings a wealth of expertise and an unwavering dedication to ensuring seamless real estate transactions.

With a background in health and wellness as a certified personal fitness trainer and CrossFit coach, Harrison seamlessly transitioned his passion for empowering others into the realm of real estate. Influenced by his father, Curt Linn, a respected figure in DFW’s commercial real estate scene with over five decades of experience, Harrison’s journey in the industry is both familial and fueled by a genuine desire to exceed expectations.

Possessing an innate ability to foster meaningful relationships and discern lucrative opportunities, Harrison boasts a unique blend of communication prowess and negotiation finesse. His knack for identifying prime investments and orchestrating successful sales is complemented by a cohesive team of home buying specialists, title experts, a dedicated transaction coordinator, and a seasoned closing team, ensuring that each client or homeowner receives personalized guidance at every stage of the process.

Committed to excellence, JZ Home Buyers consistently raises the bar, earning accolades for their steadfast dedication to clients, sellers, buyers, investors, and developers across the dynamic landscape of Texas. Discover the difference with Harrison Linn and his team as they redefine the real estate experience, one exceptional transaction at a time.

Chris Martinez

Operations Manager / Transactional Coordinator

Chris is a Weatherford, Texas, native and has accumulated over 10 years of experience in sales and customer service management. His learnings over the years have allowed him to work in many different aspects of the company. Chris’ ability to adapt to situations and hunger to then learn how to do it the best is what keeps him going. He strives to be the best version of himself. His true passion has always been people. His goal is to positively impact as many individuals as possible and add value to their lives, regardless of the situation for as long as he can.

“Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the whole world for one person”

Esteban Adorno

Senior Acquisition Manager

Esteban is a Fort Worth, TX native with well over 6 years of customer service, and sales experience. Working in the field, he has attained many skills and strives to build memorable relationships for everyone that he serves. Esteban has traveled throughout his life to different parts of the world gaining immeasurable experiences with life and people. Esteban is a hard-working, motivated individual whose main goal is to provide outstanding service to those he meets. When he isn’t working hard you can find that Esteban serves at church, loves the outdoors and sports, and is passionate about his family and friends.

Spencer Kay

Realtor / Property Manager / Acquisition Manager

Spencer grew up in Arlington, Texas, and started his real estate career shortly after working in the financial sector for JPMorgan Chase. Prior to Chase, Spencer spent 4 years in our beloved United States Marine Corps where he worked as an Avionics Technician on F-18s. Spencer’s core values are Service, Integrity & Commitment. Spencer’s #1 goal in real estate is to help everyone he can experience the American Dream of Homeownership.

Jordain Lilavois

Acquisition Manager

Jordain’s journey began in Plano, Texas, where he spent his formative years before embarking on a fulfilling career transition from teaching and coaching in Denton, TX, to real estate. He holds a degree in Kinesiology from the University of North Texas, laying a strong foundation for his commitment to excellence in every endeavor.
In his professional life, Jordain is dedicated to delivering value to all those he interacts with. Beyond work, he cherishes moments with his wife and four children, finding joy in outdoor activities and attending sporting events.

Bryce Davis

Land Acquisition Manager

Husband, father, TCU grad, and Army veteran. I’ve previously worked for city government, but decided to get my realtors license and specialize in investment property acquisitions (rentals & fixer uppers). Anyways, looking to help you buy or sell real estate in anyway I can!

I love this job because I feel I am helping the community with each distressed house we rehab that is followed by a happy family; but also networking with other like-minded real estate professionals to discover those great properties just needing some love.”

Dylan Vinson

Acquisition Manager

Meet Dylan Vinson, he grew up in Roswell, GA, and moved to Texas with his girlfriend for family and friends a few years back, with a passion for working in Real Estate. He owned and operated a company over the past 6 years, perfecting his sales, and customer service experiences. He holds a degree in Construction Management from KSU and has a passion for everything real estate due to his father and brother paving the path. Dylan is a hard-working, motivated individual who strives to provide the best customer service possible. He enjoys spending genuine time with his girlfriend, dogs, and family, cherishing every moment. Outside of work, he enjoys Hunting, Boating, Golf and Baseball.

A Bit More About Us

JZ Home Buyers is owned by Craig Kautsch, an experienced real estate professional with over 20+ years in the industry.Through various real estate related ventures, Craig has shown a tremendous amount of impact in the Texas Real Estate market over the last two decades. Craig noted that the primary reason this company is where it’s at is simply due to the individuals he gets to surround himself with and work with on a daily basis. The JZ Home Buyers team prioritizes excellent customer service and settle for nothing less. Our team prides itself on always taking a service-first’ mentality with each and every person that we have the joy of serving.

Ever wondered who that company is that gives homeowners the best solution to their situation and goes above and beyond every step of the way?  Well, that is our company – JZ Home Buyers, owned by Craig Kautsch.  Our mission is to add value to as many homeowners as we can and to ensure we always have value in the first position over everything else. With each homeowner, our goal is to deliver exceptional service from start to finish.

How Do We Do It?

Pretty simple, really.  We don’t like to over complicate things.

Our company, JZ Home Buyers has honed our marketing to the point where we’re pretty darn good at it.  We take charge of everything in the selling process from start to finish and make it the easiest method of selling a home in today’s market. When Craig Kautsch, the owner of JZ Home Buyers, was asked what the company’s mission statement was, he replied, “It’s simple, we’re here to earn the trust and business of as many homeowners as we can while we deliver the most frictionless method available to sell a home in today’s market.”

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Why Should You Work With Us?

We have specialized in every aspect of the selling process and have utilized technology, world-class customer service, and a perpetual aim to deliver excellence every step of the way at JZ Home Buyers. There’s a reason why we have over 160 5-star reviews. It’s because we don’t accept mediocrity and always go above and beyond when dealing with one of life’s largest transactions in selling a home. Give us a call today and let us earn your trust and your business and take the burden off of the selling process. We are excited to serve you and give you the service you need and deserve.