Need a Cash Buyer to Buy Your House? Here are the Pros and Cons

Need a Cash Buyer to Buy Your House? Here are the Pros and Cons

You want to sell your Texas house, but you’re not sure if you should use a real estate agent or take a cash offer. There is no right or wrong way for homeowners to go, but they should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a cash offer. A traditional home sale through a realtor will typically take longer and cause more problems.

An all-cash offer, however, typically requires taking less money, but the procedure is simpler. Think about the benefits and drawbacks of working with a cash buyer before making a choice. Additionally, consider the housing market in your area and decide whether you can wait or whether a quicker closing is necessary.

Let’s look at the drawbacks and advantages of accepting a cash offer 

Important Information About Texas Cash Home Buyers

Wholesalers, investors, real estate agents, and quick buyer websites like Zillow are just a few examples of buyers that are prepared to make a cash offer on a Texas house. However, you can also run into a conventional property buyer who has the funds available. They can make a cash offer because they have enough savings or money from the sale of another home, so they don’t require a mortgage lender.

Cash house buyers in Texas will typically make an offer that is below the home’s market value. As-is properties are acceptable to investors, immediate buyer sites like Redfin, and wholesalers. They’re also cool with renovating foreclosed properties and selling them for a profit or renting them out. Cash buyers must make an offer below the home’s market value in order to cover renovation costs.

Texas homes that purchasers make cash offers on can have issues with the foundation, require roof repairs, or need new HVAC equipment. These are not inexpensive renovations or repairs, and in a seller’s market, a cash buyer still has to cover closing expenses. In Texas, typical cash buyers may offer up to 70% of the home’s market value.

As you can see, your decision may be influenced by the advantages and disadvantages of making a cash bid on a home.

The Benefits of Working With Cash Home Buyers in Texas

Working with a cash buyer means you don’t have to wait for your buyer to go through escrow or underwriting, whether you need to sell a house quickly in Dallas or Houston. A cash transaction can close in as little as 7 days if the buyer provides evidence of funds. You might not have to deal with a home inspection or an inspection contingency in some circumstances.

Upon a walk-through of your property, an immediate buyer platform will move forward with a cash transaction. You’ll receive a firm cash offer that you can choose to accept or reject. If you agree, you can quickly leave the mortgage loan’s contingencies behind and move into a new house.

The average time it takes to close a house sale in Texas is 86 days. This includes the length of time on the market, the underwriting procedure, and the negotiation stage. But a cash transaction substantially shortens this time and gives homeowners a faster closure. In buyer’s markets, you don’t have to deal with showings, make repairs, or lower your asking price.

Pros of Working With Cash Home Buyers

It’s less expensive and less stressful. Selling a house without a realtor has many benefits. An ordinary real estate deal includes:

  • The inconvenience of having outsiders come and leave during showings and open houses. During open houses and showings, you must reorganize your calendar and leave your residence. If you have young children or animals and nothing else to do, this may be inconvenient.
  • Placing the home up for sale on the MLS and watching for showing requests and offers from qualified buyers. 
  • Evaluating one or more offers if there’s a bidding war. 

conditions, such as the outcome of a home inspection, the buyer’s credit report, the approval of a loan, and the sale of an existing home. 

  • Modifications in the state of the housing market, including interest rate swings 
  • Title insurance and additional closing documents.

Cons of Working With Cash Home Buyers

In a competitive market that favors sellers, working with a cash buyer could mean that you get less money for your house.

Cash offers typically cost 12% less than financed ones. Even without contingencies or agent commissions, you can be losing money. Additionally, while some sellers might favor a speedy closing, it’s not always the most practical.

Let’s say you’re simultaneously selling and buying a house. You’ll need time to search for a new residence, submit an offer, and calculate your new mortgage payment. You will be officially homeless until you take possession of a replacement home after your current one closes in a week. It can be expensive to store your possessions and move them twice.

Additionally, the seller’s perspective on the liquidity of cash and financed offers remains unchanged. No matter where the money comes from, the title firm will send you a check. Your previous property and the new mortgage should ideally close on the same day. This enables you to relocate your stuff once, use the funds to pay for your new home or loan, and take possession immediately.

Any house seller who has simultaneously bought and sold a home will tell you how stressful it is. Although a cash sale may be more finalized, there are still some drawbacks. Also, there are unethical buyers and real estate practices, like buying a house for less than it’s worth on the market and then selling it right away for 5% to 10% more. 

Should You Sell Your House to Cash Home Buyers

Your most urgent demands will determine whether you discover a cash buyer online or by using search terms like “we buy houses in Arlington.” Here are a few inquiries to make.

How quickly must I sell? Do I only need to sell my current home or do I also need to find a replacement?

  • Am I ready to accept a purchase price that is less than the property’s market value in exchange for not having to have it inspected or have any repairs made?
  • Will dealing with sporadic showings and open houses be too inconvenient?
  • Am I willing to assume the chance that a buyer will be required to provide evidence of homeowners’ insurance and a high credit score to a lender?
  • Am I ready to accept that a prospective house purchase could fail due to difficulties with financing or other contingencies?

Is the market so competitive that working with a real estate agent makes sense, or do I need to earn a top dollar?

Once more, accepting a cash arrangement is acceptable. Some sellers are aware that their properties won’t pass an inspection but lack the resources to make the necessary renovations. Other vendors lack the resources necessary to update older houses. They are aware that traditional proposals will likely be less favorable in any case.

Additionally, there are sellers who must act promptly. They don’t have to wait months for a reliable offer. They must move for a job offer, promotion, or transfer. Perhaps they have recently divorced or separated from a domestic spouse. Or, they wish to benefit from any tax deductions from a property sale for the current year.

Only 5% of contracts fail, according to reports from the National Association of Realtors, but 22% go more slowly than anticipated. The usual offenders are delays brought on by financial and other problems. Since these sales typically don’t include conditions like lender approvals and repair agreements, cash bids can end many of these delays.

Not all sellers would benefit from accepting cash for their property. In Texas, you’ll probably only get 30% of what you were planning to ask for. If you don’t agree to a rent-back arrangement while searching for a new home, you’ll also lose ownership of your house more rapidly.

Cash, however, might be a blessing for sellers who don’t have the patience to wait or the funds to deal with renovations and repairs. You won’t have to worry about your homeowner’s responsibilities anymore, and your transaction is less likely to fail or take too long. 

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