Tips On How to Improve Curb Appeal this Winter

Tips On How to Improve Curb Appeal this Winter

The changing of the seasons provides many possibilities to improve your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re preparing your home to sell or simply want to brighten things up, there are numerous ways to prepare the outside of your home for the next winter season.

First and foremost, safety.

First and foremost, you want to make sure that buyers can get to your front door safely. Clear snow, ice, and leaves from your driveway, pathways, and steps to avoid slips.

Plant some flowers.

Even if the traditional blossoming season has passed, your landscaping or front porch should still incorporate plants and flowers. So many cold-weather plants are looking for a new home. Visit your local nursery to pick up some hostas, holly, coneflowers, or any of the other plants that survive over the winter months while adding color to your home.

Fresh Paint 

Buyers have a better view of your house in the fall and winter due to naked trees than they do in the spring and summer. Faded or chipped paint will be noticeable, so recoat your home if necessary.

Add Some light.

Because the days are getting shorter, produce your own light! Exterior lights not only make your property safer, but they also make it appear warmer. Make sure all of your lights are clear of snow and debris so they can work properly. Hang a few lanterns or place some on your front porch steps that complement the style of your home. Use them to illuminate a walkway for a stunning entrance into your home.

Add Some Colors Outside.

There are numerous ways to add a splash of color to your home and make it stand out from the crowd. Get some winter-friendly plants, such as the ones mentioned above, put a wreath on your door, find some garden decorations, update your mailbox, and hang strands of bright, multi-colored holiday lights. The options are limitless!

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